XTD Forged Irons

“We created a forged iron that's caught up to our legendary hybrid technology, breaking the mold of what's been around for 80 years. Most blades sacrifice distance for workability but we're giving extra yards AND improvement on off-center shots!”

Justin Honea, Sr. Dir. of R&D


    Unlike traditional forged irons, XTD is a multi-piece forging that boasts the category's first-ever Cut-Thru Slot technology. A floating face and hollow design delivers a consistently faster face, adding forgiveness throughout. Tungsten weights in the sole optimize CG location. Better players who prefer a thin topline design and the feel of a forged iron, will appreciate the easy to hit playability of the XTD Forged Irons.

    The full eight-piece set includes a 3- and 4- DHy, currently the top hybrid model on the PGA Tour. It gives the extra distance and forgiveness of a hybrid with the shot-shaping control of a long iron. A unique bulge-and-roll face technology improves shot dispersion.

  • The most advanced forging ever! Forging is 80+ years old and hasn't really changed – until now!
  • Hollow Forged Design allows for the irons to match the face hotness of the hybrids.
  • Only Cut-Thru slot in golf and it's in a forging, creating a consistently faster face.
  • Includes two DHy hybrids, currently the #1 model on the PGA Tour.

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XTD Forged Irons

Club Loft Lie Length Steel SW Graphite SW Hand Flex
3DHy 21° 59.50° 39.5" D3.0 D1.0 L R X S R
4DHy 24° 60° 38.75" D3.0 D1.0 L R X S R
3 21° 60.25° 39" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
4 24° 60.75° 38.5" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
5 27° 61.25° 38" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
6 30° 61.75° 37.5" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
7 34° 62.25° 37" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
8 38° 62.75° 36.5" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
9 42° 63.25° 36" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
PW 46° 63.5° 35.75" D2.0 D0.0 L R X S R
GW 50° 64° 35.5" D3.0 D1.0 L R X S R
SW 55° 64° 35.25" D3.0 D1.0 R X S R
LW 60° 64° 35" D3.0 D1.0 R X S R

Graphite Option - Aldila RIP Tour 80g Hybrid (X, S, R)
Graphite Option - Aldila RIP Tour 115g Iron (X, S, R)
Steel Option - Matrix hX3 Hybrid (X, S, R)
Steel Option - KBS C-Tapers (X, S, R)

Grips: Iomic Black Armor Sticky Evolution 2.3
Grips: Iomic X-Grip LJ Lavender (No Rib) (Women’s)

#1 Hybrids on Tour claim based on 2012 usage on the PGA, Champions and Web.com Tours.

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