Adams Golf

Adjustable weight port for swing weight and shaft adjustment.

  • Aldila VS graphite hybrid shafts.
  • 5–PW

    Idea Pro Hybrid Technical Specifications

    Idea Pro Hybrid Technical Specifications
    Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Hand Flex
    3 Hybrid20º59.5º39.75”D2R, LR, S, X
    4 Hybrid23º60º39”D2R, LR, S, X
    526º60.5º38.25”D2R, LR, S, X
    630º61º37.5”D2R, LR, S, X
    734º61.5º37”D2R, LR, S, X
    838º62º36.5”D2R, LR, S, X
    942º62.5º36”D2R, LR, S, X
    PW46º63º35.5”D2R, LR, S, X
    • Shaft: Aldila VS 80g Graphite (hybrids)
    • Shaft: True Temper Black Gold Steel (irons)
    • Grip: Adams Traction Tour Velvet

    Custom Options for Hybrid-Irons

    Click here to view custom options for hybrid-irons

    Custom Options for Hybrid-Irons
    Manufacturer Model Up Charge* Availability Flexes Weight Torque Bend Point Tip Stiffness Spin Trajectory
    ALDILANV Comp 85YesAs NeededA / R / S / X863.0 - 2.4MidMed/FirmMedMid
    GRAFALLOYPro Launch Platinum NoneStockedA / R / S65 / 802MidMedMedMid
    USTPro Force Rv2 - 75 GoldYesAs NeededA / R / S / X79 - 833.2 - 3.3Mid/LowMedMed/HighMid/High
    USTPro Force Rv2 - 95 GoldYesAs NeededR / S / X94 - 962.9MidMedMedMid
    USTPro Force Rv2 - 115 GoldYesAs NeededR / S / X111-1152.5Mid/HighMedMed/LowLow
    MATRIX OZIKStudio 84YesAs NeededR / S / X81 - 863.2 - 3.4MidFirmMidMid
    MATRIX OZIKStudio 94YesAs NeededR / S / X90 - 982.5MidFirmMid/LowMid
    TRUE TEMPERRifle Project XYesStocked5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0115-125Mid/HighMed/Firm
    TRUE TEMPERRifle Project X FlightedYes (Except Pro Gold)Stocked5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0115-130Mid/HighMed/Firm
    TRUE TEMPERRifleNoStocked5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5118-130Mid/HighMed/Firm
    TRUE TEMPERBlack Gold Yes StockedR / S / X114-137Mid/HighMed
    TRUE TEMPERDynamic GoldNoStockedR / S / X124-130HighFirm
    TRUE TEMPERDynamic Gold w/ SensicoreNoStockedR / S127 - 130HighFirm
    TRUE TEMPERDynamic Gold SLNo StockedR / S / X105-109HighFirm
    TRUE TEMPERGS 75No StockedR / S86Low Soft
    NIPPONNS Pro 850 GHNoStockedR / S87 - 91MidMed
    NIPPONNS Pro 950 GHNoStockedR / S95 - 98MidMed
      *Up charges apply to U.S. only. All other countries please refer to your retailer or distributor for actual charges.