We want you to learn more about the outstanding people who are behind the great golf clubs and products you play from Adams. In this latest installment of “Get To Know Adams Golf” we introduce you to Steve Nichols.

Steve is one of our Industrial Designers who works in the R&D Dept. here at Adams. What that means is … he takes the engineered golf club and makes it a work of art adding color, shapes, designs and materials so you’ll love to look at them as much as you love to hit them.

Here’s more from Steve:

I was born and raised in the Midwest in a small town just east of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I learned to play golf early, competing in junior tournaments and playing for my school golf team.  After High school, I attended Purdue University where I graduated with a degree in Industrial Design

Q:  How did you get started with Adams Golf?

Being an avid golfer and having a love for product design, working as a designer for Adams seemed to be the perfect intersection of two of my passions.

Q:  What is one interesting fact about yourself that you are willing to share?

An interesting fact about me is that golf was not my primary sport as I was growing up and going to school.  Wrestling was always my primary sport and golf secondary.

Q:  What are you favorite hobbies, activities, places to visit, etc.?

Besides the obvious answer which is playing golf, I love the outdoors.  Hiking and camping are a couple of my favorite activities.  I also love watching documentaries.

Q:  What was your dream job growing up?

I can’t say that I really had a “dream” of getting a job and working full time when I was a kid, but as I got older I always thought it would be cool to be involved with the sporting goods industry.

Q:  What is your favorite club in your golf bag? Why?

My favorite club in my bag would have to be the newest one.  I like to use the latest technology that our R&D department has to offer and put it in play right away.