On August 3rd, Jamie Sadlowski teamed with the Adams Golf Staff to test out new drivers for the upcoming Long Drive Championship season. Jamie is a two-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship and won back-to-back titles in 2008 and 2009. Testing took place that The Tribute Golf Club in The Colony, Texas which is just outside of Dallas.

Jamie's Stats: Club head speed - 148 mph, Ball speed - 215mph

Jamie Sadlowski watches his ball during a club testing session at The Tribute Golf Club

"Grip it and Rip It"

Perfect follow through to finish by Jamie Sadlowski

Jamie is able to create his power because of the incredible amount of torque ... seen here.

Jamie's driver is 48.5" long, 6.5 degrees of loft, headweight is 198 grams and has a thicker face.

Ball. Go. Far.

Jamie talks with Jeff Harris, Adams communication manager, about the new club technology.

Jamie is extremely flexible as he mixes in 20 minutes of flexibility training along with a lot of cardio during every workout. He believes in "Swing fast, not hard."

Can you see the driver's crown on your back swing like this? You too could be a Long Drive champ.