In honor and appreciation of Dads everywhere, Adams Golf is giving away 10 days worth of Dad-Approved Adams Gear. From hats and shirts to a brand new Speedline Fast 12 driver – we’re drawing winners everyday for 10 days in a row between June 7th and June 17th (Father’s Day).

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and on Twitter and right here on the Adams Golf Blog.

We want to hear about the Dad in your life who you think deserves some new Adams Golf gear for Father’s Day. All you need to do is nominate him with a short summary on the contest page

Here are the Winners so far:

June 16th – Congratulations to this Dad! He will receive an Speedline Fast 12 Driver

Richard Bova – Cincinnati, Ohio
About Richard: My dad (Richard) golfs every Wednesday, just the other day I expressed interest in learning but thought I was too old to start. My dad told me that he didn’t start until he was around my age. That’s how my dad always is reassuring, supportive & optimistic.

June 15th – Congratulations to this Dad! He will receive an Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood

Dave Reyes – Kerman, California
About Dave: Dave’s a great father to our three girls. He grew up without a dad, and no example of how a dad should be, but was determined to make sure he was there for his girls and he is! He’s involved in all areas of their lives including taking them golfing!

June 14th – Congratulations to this Dad! He will receive an Idea a12 Hybrid

James McCully – Crossville, TN
About James: My Dad (James) who is so kind and patient needs to stand recognized for teaching good lessons in life, including golf!  What a great way to share a great day! Happy Father’s Day.

June 13th – Congratulations to this Dad! He will receive a personalized Adams Golf Tour Staff Bag

Oley Kasper – Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
About Oley: My dad (Oley) means a lot  to me as I was born on Fathers Day in 1982 and ever since he has taught me everything I need to know in life I chose to follow his career path,  golf I’m a 3 handicap he is the reason, he deserves the world after spoiling me forever

June 12th – Congratulations to (3) Dads! They will receive a set of Tom Watson Signature Wedges

Sean Harris – Warner Robins, Georgia
About Sean: My dad (Sean) is a retired USAF veteran and continues to work very hard to keep us all safe and happy. He golfs as much as he can and takes the time to try and teach me the game. He has inspired me to join the Navy and challenge myself in becoming better.

Sam Adams – Bloomington, Illinois
About Sam: My Dad (Sam) is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He always gives before he recieves, even though he’s never had much. He is my inspiration on a daily basis. Plus our last name is Adams, so that makes us amazing like Adams Golf products!

Tony Lyle – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
About Lyle: They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. And that’s the relationship that my father (Lyle) and I have, no matter what – he is always there.

June 11th – Congratulations to these (2) Dads! They will receive an Adams Golf cart bag

Greg Cummings – Greenville, North Carolina
About Greg: My Dad (Greg) deserves the best prize. A few years ago he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Through all the chemo and radiation he continued to play golf every week & kept his spirits up w/his love of golf. A survivor at 69 now, he still plays golf weekly!

Tom Vogt – Caledonia, Michigan
About Tom: Not exactly sure how to sum it up, but I guess you could say he introduced me to golf and still plays with garage sale clubs. When we play he uses my driver most of the time, as he sees other things more important to spend his money on than new clubs.

June 10th – Congratulations to these (3) Dads! They will receive an Adams Golf stand bag

Warren Muller – Jonesville, North Carolina
About Warren: My father (Warren) has always given my brother and I everything he could. He’s is a caring and selfless person who deserves the world.  Also he loves adams golf.

Bob Lane – Erie, Pennsylvania
About Bob: I am a professional symphony musician, my dad (Bob) is a car salesman. Rather than spending money on golf, he has devoted every dollar he has ever made to buying my instruments and sending me to college. He deserves to have better equipment.

Bruce Schroeder – Spring, Texas
About Bruce: My Dad (Bruce) is not very good at golf but he still is my best golf buddy, because “it gives us time to be together” as he always says. He has recently switched over to Adams clubs and it has really helped his game, so some extra Adams gear would be sweet.

June 9th – Congratulations to these (10) Dads! They will receive an Adams Golf Shirt

Richard Bush – Bellevue, Washington
About Richard: Chunking an easy pitch after a great drive,skulling short chips across the green,and lip outs.Cars morphing into rolling pro shops,tees turning up in laundry,and ankle sock tan lines.Through golfing with my dad (Richard) I have learned to flat out enjoy life.

Gary Sweat – Orlando, Florida
About Gary: My Dad (Gary) has been my providor, teacher, mentor and companion and now at age 32 he is still the one who does all these things as well as play golf with me and does not get upset with me or himself when not playing his or my best.  Happy Fathers Day, DAD

Todd Anderson – Browns Mills, New Jersey
About Todd: My Dad (Todd) is the one who taught me all the life lessons I have ever needed, given me a roof over my head, kept me well fed, and most importantly is the one who taught me how to golf and is still teaching me.

Larry Hembree – Greenfield, Indiana
About Larry: My Father (Larry) taught me many wonderful things that has certainly impacted my life. The biggest piece of advice he shared with me is “everyone has good in them, some you just have to look a little deeper”.

Robert Beer – Sterling, Illinois
About Robert: My dad (Robert) is the best, when ever i need help with anything at all he is always ready to help me. I can count on him for fixing something broken to watching my daughter when i need a sitter.We have good conversations but he always ends with golf

Kevin Gately – Woodbridge, Virginia
About Kevin: My dad (Kevin) is the best dad in the world.  He plays Adams clubs. He really likes the wood he has and I hope he gets some wedges some day.  Laura

George Lockamy – Spartanburg, South Carolina
About George: My dad (George) is special.Hes always had time for we kids and takes great interest and support for our activities and projects. He is an Adams golfer and loves his clubs.We bought them for him about two years ago for fathers day. A Godly man that loves  us.

Les Townsend – Warren, Ohio
About Les: My dad (Les) uses Adams irons He had back surgery this past fall and a month ago he had to have eye surgery  on both eyes. He  would have gone blind in the right eye. This did not stop him like always he still is there for me no matter what  need.

Bobby Wright – Tucson, Arizona
About Bobby: He has been a great Dad since I was 15yrs old. He is my step-dad but one of the best. We have been playing golf together for 50 years. He just got his knee fixed so he can get back out on the course.

Fred Contant – Mason, Ohio
About Fred: I have the worlds best dad he has worked so hard his whole life raising 6 children,as a young man he struggled with diabetes but it never stopped him with us children.  He has been married to my mother for over 50 years. He loves golf, And I love him

June 8th – Congratulations to these (10) Dads! They will receive an Adams Golf Hat

Giles Springer – Des Moines, Iowa
About Giles: My Father’s (Giles) love for sports has been the cornerstone of my personal and professional life.  When we were younger, backyard football and basketball games were the norm.  Lucky for us, as we have both gotten older we still enjoy golf together!

Tom Guilmartin – Newington, Connecticut
About Tom: My dad (Tom) has been the best father anyone could ever ask for.  He has supported us through life and continues to now that we are married and with children.  He spends a ton of time with all 5 of his grand kids and definitely deserves more golf time!!!

Ron Grant – Venice, Florida
About Ron: Wonderful Dad who deserves the best.  He started playing golf a few years ago when he retired and is consumed by the game!  He would be thrilled to win!  Thank you

Page Carwile – North Richland Hills, Texas
About Page: Keep your elbow in and head still. Left arm straight, don’t try to kill. Feet just so, check your grip. Swing inside out, and wrists don’t flip.  He taught me how to fix my swing, And tons of other important things.  Thanks Dad.

Ed Olewinski – Saint Charles, Illinois
About Ed : My dad (Ed) is pretty awesome.  He basically raised himself after losing his father. He’s had to fight for a lot of opportunities in his life and take care of our struggling family. A man who loves his kin and golf this much deserves golf to love him back

Mark Giuliani – Orlando, Florida
About Mark : I have my own child, yet I’m still Daddy’s little girl. The older I get, the more he is there for me.  I live on the other side of the country, and yet he will hop on a plane at the first sign that I need him.  He is the best father and grandfather.

Dan Oberschlake – Greenville, Wisconsin
About Dan: My dad (Dan) has been the greatest role model for my entire life.  He is a man of character, strong faith, and has always been there supporting my family in everything we did.

Mike Stevens – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
About Mike: My dad (Mike) works hard, and plays hard.  He deserves some cool new golf swag.

Peter Smith – Chesapeake, Virginia
About Peter: My dad (Peter) has always been there for me. Even though it would have been cheaper for me to attend a local college he helped me to afford living in New York so I could accept a golf scholarship and play/study there the past four years. Thanks Dad!

Peter Walker – Farmington, Connecticut
About Peter: Happy Father’s Day to a great friend, person and father. We’ve sure gone through some highs and lows but in the end I know you’re there for me and for your family. Love Geoff

June 7th – Congratulations to these (10) Dads! They will receive an Adams Golf Towel

Dave Reimer – Alberta, Canada
About Dave: My dad (Dave) is a very wonderful deserving guy. I live too far away to get to spend fathers day with him so I would love for him to win something :) He drives truck and doesnt get to go golfing as much as he’d love to but enjoys it even more when he does!

Ralph Caggiano – Vallejo, California
About Ralph: I love my dad (Ralph). He is an amazing person. Even though (I’ll be honest) he can be a pain. Never less i love him and think that he deserves this for his father’s day present(considering that i almost never get him a present). I just want to see him happy

Ronnie Bowie, Hastings, Nebraska
About Ronnie: He missed many golf days when we were growing up so he could work hard to provide for us and be present at every track meet or football game. (Ronnie’s) The kind of Dad who never missed out on our lives is the kind of Dad who’s earned top of the line golf gear.

Robert Driesch – Ocala, Florida
About Robert: For all of the time and sacrifices that he (Robert) has made for myself and my sisters while we were growing up without remorse and complaints.

John Conrad – Chelmsford, Massachusetts
About John: Not only is my dad (John) a great father, people tell me everyday what a positive impact he had on them as a teacher and a dean. He is an avid golfer that helped bring the game to myself, my brother and my sister.  He certainly deserves to win this!!

William Strauch – Crossville, Tennessee
About William: My dad (William) is always there when I need him. He has helped me get through a lot of life situations. He has loved and supported his 3 children and Grand children and Great grand children. We all love him very much. Our Dad is the greatest.

Dick Norton – Hornell, New York
About Dick: I nominate my Dad (Dick) as he deserves to win some new Adams golf gear because of his love and dedication to the game of golf. He is 84 years old and still plays five days a week. He and 15 of his friends travel every Wednesday to a reciprocal golf course.

Ben Gelber – Lincoln, Nebraska
About Ben: My dad (Ben) taught me everything about golf.  He worked late, and we would always spend a few hours before sunset getting in 9 holes.  I learned a lot about myself out there, and it’s all because of him.  I cherish those memories, thanks Dad!

Bill Bennett – Huber Heights, Ohio
About Bill: My husband Bill coached the boys in baseball from age 5 thru 19. He was also Scoutmaster and saw them earn Eagle Scout. It was all worth the effort. Both boys are great fathers themselves and following in father’s footsteps. Thanks, from wife Sharon

Corwin Draper – Huntington, Indiana
About Corwin: Three or four years ago my Dad (Corwin) saw my Adams clubs and wanted some of his own. He’s 92 and Mom’s 87 and they still play their weekly scramble.