It didn’t take long for Kenny Perry to show up in some new TV commercials after signing with Adams Golf. The 14-time PGA Tour winner and longtime fan favorite is featured in two new commercials that began airing on the Golf Channel during the opening weekend of PGA Tour coverage (Hyundai Tournament of Champions).

“I Switched To Speedline” – Kenny sits down with the cameras rolling and talks about how the distance gains he got from the new Speedline drivers he tested was reason enough for him to make the big switch. To him, gaining 7 mph more ball speed and 20 extra yards of distance was “like winning the lottery!”

“I Feel Young Again!” – In a slight departure from a polished and heavily produced TV commercial – instead, we took the raw video footage that was shot during his initial club test session and created a commercial for the new Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood. Seeing a veteran tour pro amazed at new results (like hitting a fairway wood over 300 yards time after time) is like a commercial writing itself. The decision was made that Kenny’s club test session video was just too good not to show the public.