An interesting take on the two different eras of Tom Watson’s game written by Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski. Mr. Watson captured another victory last weekend at the Senior PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club and at 61, he became the second oldest golfer to win that event. As Posnanski writes, Mr. Watson has built his legendary career with a mix of different styles and approaches to the game, “If the game of the old and young Watson had ever met, they would not recognize each other.”

And yet … I think Watson’s career is singular because unlike any of the other great golfers, Watson’s life is really divided in two. There was the young and wild Watson who hit the ball all over the place and won with one of the great short games in golf history. And there is the older Watson, whose ball-striking is so magnificent that men half his age salivate, but who has been held back by 5-foot putts that stubbornly go their own way.

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