You’ll see a new TV commercial airing on the Golf Channel very soon for the Redline Hybrid Irons. Since this set was designed with one goal in mind … DISTANCE … it was obvious that we use the one golfer in the world who knows everything there is to know about more distance — the two-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion, Jamie Sadlowski.

The shoot location was at The Tribute Golf Club, north of Dallas, TX, and the images below should give you a pretty good sneak peek. This iron set is all about distance, Jamie is all about distance … you mix them together and you get 7-irons hit 255 yards and 3-iron hybrids hit 324 yards. We had the TrackMan Launch Monitor set up to record Jamie’s amazing yardages and after it was all said and done, Jamie made sure we package up those Redline Irons and ship them to his home address … the King of Long Drives wants to make sure he’s playing our longest irons and our longest hybrids.

Special thanks to the amazing work of the production crew from Man Bites Dog.

Jamie Sadlowski