In the latest issued of GOLF Magazine Adams Golf Tour Staff Member and PGA Tour rookie, Justin Hicks, penned his own story about going from washing clubs and driving the range picker at the golf course to playing on the biggest stage in professional golf.

Within a few months I found myself working at a country club in Palm Beach County. For the next six years, at several clubs, I did everything from cleaning clubs in the bag room to picking the range to folding sweaters in the pro shop, scraping together enough money to get by. Thanks to more contributions from friends and club members, I continued to enter some mini-tour events but couldn’t seem to get to the next level. It was tough seeing college friends get law degrees, Ph.D.’s and M.B.A.’s and make good money, while me and my B.A. in political science were in a bag room making $4 an hour plus tips. Or worse, getting turned down for bag-room jobs in favor of high school kids because I was overqualified.

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