We sat down with Chad Campbell before the Sony Open for a quick 9 question Q&A

AG: Chad, you’re starting up your 2011 season this week – what are some things you’re most excited about for the upcoming season?

CHAD: I had a chance to re-evaluate how I go about preparing for a new year and how I prepare for tournaments and I am very pleased with what came from that.  I am excited about 2011.

AG: What are some of the things about the Sony Open that you like the most?

CHAD: That is an easy answer.  I love the Waialae CC golf course and always have.  I love how each hole presents you with an exact shot needed and how you have to work it around the course.

AG: Tell us about your time in Hawaii and what you’re spending your time on (golf and non-golf) as you prepare for this tournament?

CHAD: Well…this year has not been real good in preparation because we have had a lot of rain.  I have worked on my short game a bunch.  Of  course I have enjoyed the fish tacos at a restaurant that we frequent.

AG: Any equipment changes that we might see this week?

CHAD: Yes.  I am excited to have a Speedline F11 driver in the bag.  I really appreciate all that Adams has done with this new driver and how it fits me perfectly.  I am excited about the look of the driver and the advantages that it gives me.  I can’t wait to put it in play this week.

AG: You’re a big sports fan – any predictions for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl … and since you live in the Dallas area, will you be at the big game?

CHAD: Unfortunately I am playing that Sunday in Phoenix at the WM Phoenix Open and will not be able to attend.  I am in a fantasy football league and I just want my guys to do well.  The games have been so crazy this year that I don’t have any predictions.

AG: As a Cowboys fan what are your thoughts on Jason Garrett as head coach?

CHAD: Jason is doing a great job and will do a great job.  It looks like he enjoys coaching and looks very calm and in control as head coach.  I think everyone will be excited for next year.

AG: How about your Running Rebels ranked in the Top 25 – what will they do this year?

CHAD: They are hard to predict but I am a loyal UNLV alum.  I will be rooting for them to do great!

AG: Who are some of your close friends on tour, the guys you play practice rounds with?

CHAD: My best friend, Judd Burkett, is my caddy and we hang out when we are out on Tour.  I do spend time with Heath Slocum, Ryan Palmer, Heath’s caddy DJ Nelson.  We all have a good time.

AG: Besides yourself, who are some other guys on tour that have potential for a great year?

CHAD: I am excited for Ryan Palmer and the year that he had in 2010.  Because of that great year, he will be playing in all the Majors and will have a good chance to be in all the WGC events.  With all that I think he is going to have another great year and contend in Majors.  I am very impressed with Rickie Fowler and I think he will win multiple times in 2011.

AG: Alright, that’s it Chad. Thanks for your time. Good luck this week in Hawaii.

CHAD: Thanks, enjoyed it. Aloha!