Carlos Brown is one of the top young teaching professionals in the US. He was recently recognized as 1 of the Top 10 Best Young Teachers by Golf Digest Magazine. Carlos teaches at the North Texas Junior Golf Academy and is Director of Instruction at Los Rios Country Club in Plano, Texas. His philosophy is to teach each student the proper mechanics of the golf swing based on their unique bio mechanics. This philosophy enables students to troubleshoot their swing and make corrections while practicing on their own or playing a round of golf.

Carlos offers this tip for hitting your hybrids better:

Can’t Hit Your Hybrid? Try Making A Better Turn

How can I become more consistent with my hybrid or longer irons? This is a question I get asked a lot, and one of the main reasons for this inconsistency is an improper turn or lack of coil. When a golfer swings back and there is too much lateral movement then the right hip slides out and his/her weight is then shifted to the front foot (reverse pivot), now the player has to come over the top or hangs back to try and make contact with the ball – both moves lead to miss hits and inconsistency (shown in photo below)

A good way to get a proper feel or “visual” for the right turn is (1) Have a proper setup. Grip, posture and stance – G.P.S. (2.) Drop your left foot back to where it’s even with the center of your right foot. (3.) Take a backswing, feeling your right hip stay solid and seeing your chest turn over your right hip (shown in photo below).

Hold for a few seconds and swing to your finish. Once you’ve done this a few times, set up normally and try to recreate that same feel or “visualize” the same turn. (shown in photo below)  Now you’re making steps to hitting your hybrids better.

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Carlos Brown

Carlos Brown