Yani Tseng

Yani Tseng - 2010 Women's British Open Champion

Yani Tseng grabbed her 3rd major title (and she’s only 21) at the 2010 RICOH Women’s British Open on Sunday at Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England. This was Yani’s second major win of the season and fourth win as a professional. She’s pretty good ;)

She became the youngest player in LPGA history to win three major championships.

She’s in disbelief of her quick success and doesn’t have a grasp on what it means yet. “I have three majors already, and this is my third year on Tour,” Yani said after the win. “I’m 21 years old, three majors. It’s like, nobody can think that way.”

She is proud of the way she won her third major, holding on to a lead she built over the course of the weekend. “I was never leading and won the tournament, I was always leading and lost. So today was really good. It meant a lot to me that I know I can do it when I really need to do it to win a tournament.”

Yani played the Speedline 9032LS Driver (9.5 degrees), Speedline Classic FW, Idea a7 Hybrids (19 and 22 degrees), and Idea a4 Tech Tour irons.